This is me


A number of years ago I received this beautiful website as a gift from my friend Jaap. I was about to start traveling the world and on this website I was able to share my experiences. After a full year of traveling I returned to the Netherlands with a backpack full of memories and a passion for sharks.

I’ve always been passionate about nature and animals. For years, I’ve been a volunteer for Greenpeace. Currently, I’m working at Sea Life Scheveningen, where I teach visitors about the animals, the environment, climate change, and conservation.

On this website I share my travel experiences for whoever wants to read/see them and I will start writing about conservation and sharks in the near future.



“The urgency of what is happening in Lusatia isn’t just about the environment; it’s about the people that call that place home.”

“When injustice becomes law, reaction and resistance becomes your duty” – Madison Stewart

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