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Tomorrow’s the day!

Hi all! Tomorrow I am going to start my trip around the world 🙂 Via Tallinn I will travel to Saint Petersburg. But first I need to do some lastminute stuff…. Like handing in something from work, canceling my subscription for the public transportation in the Netherlands, packing my backpack (of course), making copies of […]

Expedition X

Very soon, I will travel the world to see the beauty of it, learn about its cultures, landscapes and fascinating wildlife. Come back here to read my blog about what I am experiencing now!

Hello world!

So apparently, this is my website. A very nice gift from my friend, Jaap 🙂 In this section, I am going to show you the amazing places I have been. Of course, this will exclude the major world trip I am going to undertake in 2015. This will be recorded in the section Expedition X. […]

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