Tomorrow’s the day!

Hi all!

Tomorrow I am going to start my trip around the world 🙂

Via Tallinn I will travel to Saint Petersburg.

But first I need to do some lastminute stuff…. Like handing in something from work, canceling my subscription for the public transportation in the Netherlands, packing my backpack (of course), making copies of stuff, etc.

I will be glad when all of that is done and I will be finally in Saint Petersburg to visit the Hermitage Museum, the famous Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood (sounds creepy, though…) and all those beautiful palaces.

This evening I will be saying my goodbyes to my grandma and the girls. It will be weird not seeing everyone for a year.

I will miss you all! And keep you updated via this website.

Lots of love, Romana


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  • Enjoy your trip and I’m sure you will have many new experiences the coming year! I’m looking forward to see them all on your website. Xx M@rry

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