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Hi friends and family, Recently, I’ve been traveling by train through Europe. My trip started out in the vegan capital of the European Union: Berlin! Former colleague Matthijs gave me plenty of options to choose from and after an afternoon of walking around the city I ended up at the amazing restaurant Soy. On my […]

The Giants of Royal de Luxe in Leeuwarden

Hi all, This year both the Maltese capital of Valletta and Dutch twin city Leeuwarden are the European Capital of Culture 2018 (the ties between both cities have been cut, since the chairman of Valletta 2018 had made hurtful comments on the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia). Both cities celebrate being the Cultural Capital and […]

December 2017

Hello hello, so I’ve been back in the Netherlands for a while now. And I just realized I haven’t even posted the last photos of my journey to Malta. Before I left Malta I’ve made great friends, visited Gozo and Comino, lived in Gzira, worked in the Malta National Aquarium, and of course volunteered for […]

Settling down

Dear friends and family, it has been a while since I’ve written an update… I’ve been very busy finding a room and work. Almost a month ago I was supposed to move into a nice (airconditioned) room in San Gwann. However, the landlord gave me a lot of trouble, but never actually gave me the […]


Hey guys! I’m sorry about this late post… The last 2 weeks I’ve been quite busy getting to know Sharklab, Malta, and some of the people from my hostel 🙂 On August 12 I arrived in Malta and took a bus to San Ġiljan, my new place of residence for at least an entire month. […]


Hello dearies, Next month I’ll arrive in Malta! I’m going to stay there for at least one month to help Sharklab Malta and to find out whether I want to do that for a long time. Just so you know 😉 As you might have noticed, I have developed a passion for sharks and would […]


Hi friends and family! My trip is almost coming to an end. I have had a great time, but I’m not gonna lie: I’m really looking forward to going back home. Like the song on the radio at the airport: “I’m just too far from where you are. I wanna go home”. However, I still […]

Mexico & Belize

Hi friends and family! Mexico is a pretty cool country! Okay, I’ve only been to the tourist-filled Yucatán Peninsula. But still, it’s Mexico. The country of Corona, tequila, tacos, drug wars, sombreros, and Maya ruins like Chichén Itzá. Here are my experiences: Cancún Yes… I did go to this party town… Luckily, all the hostels […]


Hi all! I’m sorry that it took me such a long time to write about my previous adventures. I’ve been busy… uhm… going to the beach. So I have just been to Bolivia. How was it you ask me? “I survived” is the only right answer, according to my friend Esteban. ‘Cause boy, Bolivia can […]


Hi family and friends, Yeay I´m in a new continent (for me). The mystical country of Peru. Known for Machu Picchu, the Amazone, the Andes, bus crashes, and beautiful textiles. I had a really nice time in this diverse country. World wonders, rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, canyons, traditional clothing, colonial architecture, and many animals. The Peruvians […]

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