Dear family and friends,

Yeay a new blog update! Although it would be nice if someone would care to react this time 😉
A lot has happened the past couple of weeks. From South Africa I traveled on to neighboring country Namibia. This large country only has 2 million people living in it and from the airplane you only see desert, desert, and desert. It is amazing that some countries still have a lot of nature and they did not (yet) “pave paradise”.

My journey in Namibia started out in Walvis Bay. The owner of the hostel picked me up from the teeny tiny airport and showed me around town. Most of the historic buildings have been taken down, so there is not that much to see. However, there is a big bird sanctuary with loads of flamingo’s and the laguna is frequently visited by dolphins.





After Walvis Bay I went to Swakopmund, where you can clearly see that Namibia used to be a German colony. The locals also speak the German language, whereas the German in other areas has developed into Namibian German. Next to German and English, Afrikaans is also widely spoken in Namibia. Whenever people asked me where I was from they started talking in Afrikaans to me 🙂
In Swakopmund I walked a bit along the coastline, watched the lighthouse, and visited the Kristall Gallery. I have always liked gemstones and there they have the worlds’ largest quartz crystal cluster on display.


DSC08279 - Copy

In Windhoek I only had a short stay before going on a tour through the south of Namibia. At the hostel I met Wilder from Massachusetts and we walked through town, saw the Christus Kirche, and read books at the swimming pool.


As I said, I booked a Southern Swing tour with Wild Dog Safaris. Luckily, we had a small group and our guides were the best. Ian knows pretty much everything about the country, constellations, and nature in general and the cooking skills of Steven are amazing. Our group consisted of Polly from Australia, Brigitte and Cordula from Germany, and Hildegard, Gerald, and Valentin from Switzerland. Except for the Swiss family we all went camping and we had a great time together.
On the first day we stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn and a tree that had been taken over by weaverbirds before we went to our camping spot in the Kalahari desert. The jeep got incredibly hot, so we took a refreshing swim once we arrived at the resort. From the swimming pool you could actually see ostriches walking around. How cool! Then, we had a jeep safari through the desert where we also saw springbok, oryxes, wildebeest, kudus, and giraffes.






On the second day we drove further south, passing an inactive volcano, through Mariental and Keetmanshoop to Ome Giel for a tour around his farm. It is filled with Quiver trees and naturally formed dolerite rock formations. One day Ome Giel found fossils of the mesosaurus. The same kind of fossils have been found in South America providing proof that the continents were once connected.



On day 3 we woke up early to see the sun rise over Fish River Canyon. Even though Southern Africa experiences a drought, you could still hear the river flowing in the distance. We hiked from one viewpoint to the main viewpoint and watched the sunrise change the color of the canyon. After breakfast we drove on to Aus. Along the way we stopped at Fish River, where there were loads of yellow flowers. They were pretty, but poisonous to animals. At the resort we took a dive in the swimming pool and rushed outside to where a scorpion had been spotted. In the middle of the night I woke up to go to the toilet. I tried to open up the tent as silently as possible, but Polly woke up anyway. She thought someone was breaking in and started shouting at me XD




On the Namibian National Independence Day we drove through the forbidden area Spitzkoppe. Years ago they found diamonds here and dug ‘m up, but it is deserted now. You can drive through it, but you are not allowed to “actively search” for diamonds. This area is also home to the wild Namib horses and, luckily, we spotted some. In Kolmanskop we stopped for a tour through the ghost town. This is where the diamond miners lived and they were paid out in diamonds as well. Of course a lot of people tried to smuggle diamonds and they had really inventive methods. The place has been abandoned for over 60 years and it has been taken over by the sand dunes, making it perfect for photography.








We also went to Luderitz and the incredibly windy Diaz point.




The fifth day was a traveling day on which we drove from Aus all the way to the Sesriem area. After putting up our tents we went to the sand dunes for sunset. Hiking up those dunes is NOT easy… Halfway through Brigitte, Cordula, and I rested on one of the dunes and we got the company of two Namibian guys. On our way to the higher dunes they showed us the “desert newspaper”, which are the tracks of the desert animals. On a higher dune we watched the sunset and the moon rise with a couple of French girls. One of them asked me whether I had traveled in Mozambique, because she had seen me before but couldn’t remember where. Eventually, we figured out that we shared a shuttle from Jo’burg airport. Such a small world!


Day 6 arrived. The day I had been waiting for. We woke up really, really, really early to hike up Dune 45 and watch the sun rise over the beautiful, orange sand dunes. One hundred and seventy meters high might not sound that difficult, but let me tell ya, it is freaking exhausting… To get an idea of what the hike is like here is a funny summary:
But in the end it is really worth the effort. The view on top of the dune is amazing and at sunrise you can see the sun change the color of the dunes.




Then we went for a hike through Sossusvlei. Walking up and down sand dunes again, reading the “desert newspaper”, and walking over the dry clay.



Through the Sossusvlei we walked in the direction of the Deadvlei and from one of the dunes you have a nice view. The Deadvlei is a clay pan with 900-year old, dead camel thorn trees that make a beautiful contrast against the white clay pan, the orange sand dunes, and the blue sky.




As if the day had not been exhaustive enough we also viewed the “fairy circles” and hiked through the Sesriem Canyon.



On the last day we traveled back to Windhoek. We made a special detour through Solitaire to try the famous apple pie. The camping girls exchanged personal data and we might meet up in October. I had such a great time with you girls!

The next day I had to leave the country to travel 32 (!) hours to the city of angels. I’ve already been in California for 1,5 weeks and will travel on to Peru at the end of the month. But enough about me. How are things with you guys? I’d love to hear from you all. I miss you guys.

Lots of love,


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  • Hi Romy! Love to read about all your adventures. The pictures are beautiful. Stay safe and can’t wait till your next blog. Take care xoxo

  • Lieve Romana, mijn response op jouw geweldige avontuur begint een beetje eentonig te worden vrees ik ;)! Wauwwww wat een prachtige foto’s en wat maak jij veel mee!! Kan je niet voor een of ander blad gaan schrijven en foto’s maken?? en daar moet je dan uiteraard voor op reis :)…… ?? Geniet van elk moment… hier gaat de tijd snel, nog een paar maandjes en dan ben je al weer thuis. Ik kijk al weer uit naar je volgende avonturen, take care XXX

    • Hey tweede mama ;),
      Dankjewel. Goh, dat zou een droombaan zijn. Foto’s maken voor een reisblad. Maar daar zijn super veel gegadigden voor met een veel betere camera dan mijn Sony HX50.
      Jaaa! Stiekem heb ik best wel heimwee… Tot in augustus! 😀

  • Prachtig verhaal weer met mooie foto’s. Leuke rondreis in Namibië. Geweldig die kleuren allemaal. Zo grappig dat je dan toch weer iemand tegenkomt die je In een ander land hebt gezien.

  • Hoi Romana!

    Zo te zien heb je ‘t erg naar je zin! Heb je nog erg aparte voedsel gegeten? Heb je nog kunnen genieten van de blote sterrenhemel? Ik neem aan dat er daar geen lichtvervuiling is…?
    Hoe is het daar met afval/plastic op straat? Is het net zo erg als hier?

    Anyways – Ik vind je fotos erg mooi…..vooral de woestijnduinen vind ik mangnifique!

    Heb je nog veel interessante verhalen gehoord van mede-reizigers? Welke culturele/mysterie-wonders heb je in Afrika gezien? Ik neem aan de je ‘t ingang naar de binnenkant van de aarde nog niet hebt gevonden? j/k ^_^;;

    Veel plezier nog en tot laters!

    • Hey Kahshan!
      Haha wat voor apart voedsel? Ik eet geen dieren, namelijk. Inmiddels heb ik wel heel wat fruit en groenten gegeten die we in Nederland niet hebben, maar dat is niet heel erg apart 😉
      Ja, je ziet super veel sterren daar! Van Windhoek heb je wel wat lichtvervuiling en ik moet helaas vermelden dat ik nog nergens zo weinig vervuiling heb gezien als in Europa… Al zijn er maar 2 miljoen mensen in Namibië, ze gooien hun afval vanuit hun auto op de straat… Jammer.
      Dank je!
      Dat zeker. Elke reis is uniek.
      Ehh… Ik weet niet zo goed hoe ik die vraag moet beantwoorden. De wonderen deel ik hier allemaal met jullie.
      Dankjewel en tot over een paar maanden.

  • Hey, leuk om weer te lezen! Wel blijven schrijven hoor! Wat een bizar, surrealistisch landschap! Bijna of Dali het heeft geschilderd;) tot spreeks!

  • Goed stuk weer Romana en wat een prachtige en vooral bijzondere foto’s. Kan jou blog alleen lezen als Brigit of Theo het delen over Fb 😉 mooie en veilige voortzetting van je reis. We zitten geloof ik een beetje bij je in de buurt. Tennessee op het moment maar misschien ben je al door. Kus en tot horens Ellen van Opstal

    • Dankjewel.
      Haha dat is wel een heel klein beetje in de buurt. Ik zit in San Francisco. Veel plezier in Amerika.

  • Wat een geweldig avontuur!

  • Heyy Romana! Wat onzettend gaaf om je verhaal weer te lezen en wat maak je mooie dingen mee! De foto’s zijn prachtig! Zoveel verschillende landschappen! Probeer in California de salt water taffy snoepjes ? Ga je nog naar SF? Dan moet je echt de rondleiding op Alcatraz gedaan hebben!

    Dankjewel voor je kaartje die we hebben ontvangen in ons nieuwe huis! Met ons gaat het goed! We hebben veel geklust de afgelopen tijd. Het begint nu een beetje ons huisje te worden., maar we zijn nog lang niet klaar.

    Geniet van je reis!

    Donny en Daisy

    Ps. We gaan begin volgend jaar pas trouwen! Dan ben je al terug tochhh???

    • Hey Donny en Daisy!
      Oh, wat goed om te horen! Dan ben ik zeker weer terug 😀
      Dank jullie wel.
      Die snoepjes heb ik inderdaad geprobeerd. Er komt geen eind aan! Je kunt de hele dag blijven kauwen op één snoepje. Geen fan, dus.
      De tickets voor Alcatraz zijn besteld. Al een paar weken geleden, aangezien ze in een rap tempo uitverkopen.
      Wat gebeurt er toch veel bij jullie. Leuk hoor. Ik hoop wat foto’s van jullie huisje voorbij te zien komen via Whatsapp 😉

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